The Master Gardeners 

The Master Gardeners have developed a much more sustainable approach over the years, and the solutions offered are now more focused on good cultural practices, and building healthy soil.  They are available to anyone who may have questions about how to care for their plants, have questions about pests or diseases, plant or insect identification, or just about any other plant-related question.  This is a valuable and free community resource, and I invite you to avail yourself to their services in your community.  Chances are, there is Master Gardener Helpline near you.  They are eager to help - you may even consider becoming a Master Gardener yourself.

Meyers Farm - Bethel, Alaska

Tim Meyers is pushing the limits of farming in the Arctic.  It is truly amazing what he produces on four acres of tundra.  He is a great resource, and his methods are an excellent example for the rest of Alaska.