Biodynamics employs a whole-systems approach to agriculture, and was developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.  Some may consider it a bit esoteric and complex (or even woo-woo), as it embodies a wide range of techniques that utilize subtle forces and energies, and is in tune with earthly, lunar, and cosmic cycles.  Many biodynamic processes incorporate animal systems, and not every process may be right for you.  Finding practices that work for you and your particular needs will greatly aid in your success.

     Remember, if it speaks to you, and it works for you (with mininal time, money, and effort) then wonderful - science, and all the double-blind studies, can catch up later.  In the mean time, you are recieving a bountiful yield, and feeding your family and community.

     Science will eventually understand how something works, but there is always a bit of a time delay. Remember that the science du jour eventually becomes crude and outdated as new discoveries give way to greater understanding.  The honest and unbiased scientific process is always curious, always questioning, and always seeking out greater truths - if it's not doing this, then it's not really science.  It is something that is posing as science, but is actually serving someone's agenda.

     There is an artful balance between maintaining healthy skepticism, and being open to new ideas that do not fit into any box with which you (or science) are currently familiar.  May you find this balance.

     See if Biodynamics has something to offer you:

     Here are a couple of excellent introductory books on Biodynamics:

  • A Biodynamic Manual: Practical Instructions for Farmers and Gardeners by Pierre Masson
  • The Biodynamic Year: Increasing Yield, Quality, and Flavour: 100 Helpful Tips for the Gardener or Smallholder by Maria Thun

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"One must acknowledge that intelligence holds sway in nature. And if you really study nature, you can find this intelligence holding sway everywhere. And you will then think more humbly about your own intelligence, for first of all, it is not as great as the intelligence ruling in nature, and secondly, it is only like a little bit of water that one has drawn from a lake and put into a water jug. The human being, in fact, is just such a water jug, that has drawn intelligence from nature. Intelligence is everywhere in nature; everything, everywhere is wisdom. A person who ascribes intelligence exclusively to himself is about as clever as someone who declares: You’re saying that there is water out there in the lake or in the brook? Nonsense! There is no water in them. Only in my jug is there any water. The jug created the water. So, the human being thinks that he creates intelligence, whereas he only draws intelligence from the universal sea of intelligence." - Rudolph Steiner