Korean Natural Farming

     Cho Global (Korean) Natural Farming was founded by Han-Kyu Cho in the 1960's and finds its roots in Japanese Natural Farming.  It began as a counterbalance to the introduction of Western agricultural practices in South Korea, and is now being utilized in over 42 countries.  Agricultural solutions can be produced onsite without the use of herbicides, tillage, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.  It focuses on building and supporting healthy soil biology and the use of plant nutrient applications, many of which are inexpensive and easy to make.

     Korean Natural Farming has become quite popular on the Big Island of Hawai'i, and is being utilized by some of its largest farms.  It can be used in any climate (anywhere where plants grow.)  It has many advatages over other methods, and provides inexpensive options for creating fertility. 

Here is the Cho Global Natural Farming-Hawaii website.  It is a great source for obtaining instructional manuals, as well as order dry ingredients to make Oriental Herbal Nutrient:


And here is a link to a free Korean Natural Farming PDF from India:


And a free PDF from the Northeast Organic Farming Association in Massechusetts:


Here is a Korean Natural Farming Applcation Table:




“A farmer should have parental love towards his crop and livestock. This is a heart of a true farmer." - Master Han-Kyu Cho