Jesse James Rone


     This site is dedicated to All of Our Ancestors, whose intuitive knowledge and understanding of the land and their environment - and their relationship to it - has nearly been forgotten; as well as a special dedication to my Grandfather, Jesse James Rone, who gave me my own garden plot to tend on my 7th birthday.  He taught me many things about life on the farm, about planting and harvesting by the moon - but most of all, he taught me about finding joy and contentment in being a companion of the land.

     Jesse was born in rural, Northern Mississippi in 1901, and was a true Southern gentlemen. He was skilled in the old ways, and could fix anything, build anything, and grow anything.  He was a real cowboy, and in his youth, lived on a dude ranch - and he even made moonshine during the Prohibition.  I have many wonderful memories of him growing up amid the pear orchards of Southern Oregon.

     May his memory be eternal...

     It is also dedicated to All of Our Future Generations, who will inherit the world we will leave for them - the good, the bad - and everything in between.

I ka  mamua, ka  mahope - ‘Ōlelo No‘eau
The future is in the past - Hawaiian Proverb