Germination And Seedlings

Germination is easy if one remembers the:

7 Rights of Germination

and here's a handy acronym to help you remember them:  MEDDALS

M - Right Medium - Choose a medium (soil) that is fine in texture and uniform, loose, and well-aerated.  This will make the sprout's job to reach for the sky a lot easier.

E - Right Emotions and Thoughts - Sounds woo-woo, right?  Well, the science behind how our thoughts and emotions effect plants is still in its infancy, but intuitively, it would not be a stretch for most of us to accept the basic idea that all life responds to love - and science is beginning to understand why this is, and how it works.  Our thoughts and emotions are not just concepts, but tangible wavelengths of energy that can be measured, and effect our environment, the quantum field, and all living things around us.  The electromagnetic field that our body produces can be measured, typically, up to 9 feet away - and plants may be smarter than we think.  For more on this, here are some good reads:

  • What A Plant Knows by Daniel Chamovitz
  • The Secret Life Of Plants by Peter Tomkins
  • Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

D - Right Depth - Seed depth effects light availability and temperature; and planting at the right depth can greatly increase germination.

D - Right Degrees (Temperature) - All seeds have a select temperature range in which germination occurs.

A - Right Amount of Aqua (Water) - All seeds need water in the proper amount in order for germination to take place.

L - Right Amount of Light - Some seeds require light for germination, and some require darkness.

S - Right Seed - Use seeds that are not too old and have been stored properly, and of a variety that will grow well in your climate and environment.  Seeds that you have saved yourself are ideal!