Hawaiʻi Island

Hawai'i Island Food Self-Sufficiency Baseline Report 2012

A great snapshot of where Hawai'i Island stands right now in terms of food self-suffienciency, and some ideas on how to move forward.  Hard copies are available for $5.00 from:

Hawai'i County Office of Research and Development, 25 Aupuni St, Ste. 1301, Hilo, HI 96720



The Little Fire Ant, Wasmannia auropunctata, have become quite a nuisance in East Hawai'i, and their stings can be quite painful.  Here is one strategy which you may find helpful if they have invaded your space.  Total irradication is difficult but you may be able to keep them at bay and herd them into one area at the very least:

Place a protein bait (cheap paremsean cheese, alfredo sauce, or natural, oily peanut butter mixed with 10 to 20 percent Boric acid. Place these baits in weatherproof bait houses, close around the fire ants (as close as every five feet if necessary).  Spray any plants, trees or areas where you know the fire ant to be with horticultural oil, or soap mixed with citrus oil to drive them off and out of the plants and onto your bait. This system, although requiring some work, will decimate their population.


And here are some links which you may find helpful:




Here is a great Natural Farming video on brewing your own natural insecticides at home:


You may also contact Zack the Fire Aunt Guy: 808 443 6008

And here is a good option for organic-minded folks:

Auntie's Organic Fire Ant Control Service - Eric and Jackie Green - 808 785 6457