Jadam Organic Farming

     Jadam Organic Farming was founded by Youngsang Cho (the son of Han Kyu Cho), and is a natural continuation of Han Kyu Cho's work.  Jadam is a Korean acronym which means, "people who are like nature."  In many ways, it is a simplification of his father's methods; thus, both systems dovetail well.  Youngsang Cho's has perfected a plethora of inexpensive and non-toxic insecticides that are easy to make.  Jadam's JMS solution is also of note, as it is a simplified version of his father's IMO4.

     Many videos with english subtitles make learning this system easy.  Here is a link to the Jadam English-language website:


     Then click on Jadam Lectures - lots of lectures with English subtitles.

     And here are links to the two must-have books on Amazon.com:



"From deep in my heart, I welcome you to the Jadam movement.  Let us go together to a more beautiful world where people are once again in control of their own farming, save themselves and nature from exploitation, and become more nature-like."    - Youngsang Cho