The Lunar Cycles

      Our ancestors, no matter where they came from, have been planting by the Moon, and they had an intuitive understanding of these important cycles and their effect on plants, which science is finally coming to understand.  The lunar phases control the amount of moisture in the soil, which peaks during the new and full moon.  Seeds will absorb more water at this time, which encourages germination.  The lunar cycles also play a role in transplanting, grafting, and harvesting.

     A great introduction to this ancient practice is Raising With The Moon - A Complete Guide to Gardening and Living by the Signs of the Moon by Jack R. Pyle and Tyler Reece - it follows very closely to what my Grandfather taught me about the lunar cycles.

     The Hawai'ian Moon Calendar differs from my Grandfather's reckoning slightly, and in many ways is more precise - I know he would have liked it, had he known about it.  Here's a link to a short online primer on the Hawai'ian Moon Calender:

And here is a great link to a handy Hawai'ain Moon Calendar, Ke Ala o ka Mahina (The Path of the Moon):

And check out the Ka Huna app for your Android device - it's way cool!

"The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour, and nuance."

- Arthur Smith