The Soil Food Web

     Dr. Elaine Ingham is a soil microbiologist who taught for many years at Oregon State University,  and is world-renouned for her research into the soil food web.  Dr. Elaine Ingham is truly one of a kind.

     Here is her short, online soil biology primer, which is a great introduction to the soil food web:

     Here's a link to an excellent summation of the Soil Foodweb:

     And a link to her webste:

     I also recommend this short video by Plant Health Cure - it is an excellent visual introduction to the amazing world below us: Soil Is A Living Organism

     Here is a video lecture, Life In The Soil With Dr. Elaine Ingham - Just click on the links below - and each part is only about 15 minutes long:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

(In Part 5, Elaine gets a little technical - never mind all that - just focus on her big-picture message.)

Some notable books she has authored:

  • The Compost Tea Brewing Manual
  • Compost Tea Quality: Light Microscope Methods
  • The Field Guide For Actively Aerated Compost Tea
  • The Soil Foodweb: Its Role In Ecosystems Health: The Overstory Book Cultivating Connections With Trees
  • The Soil Foodweb-Soil Composts As Living Ecosystems
  • The Soil Biology Primer


"The Soil Foodweb - Our soil teams with a multitude of organisms which provide the necessary work for healthy plants to grow free from disease, pests and infertility.  These interconnected interactions and feeding relationships help determine the types of nutrients present in soil, its depth and pH, and even the types of plants which can grow." - Dr Elaine Ingham