Why Grow Your Own?

Reason Number One: Flavor - A Snow Pea picked at precisely the right time has a sweetness that simply cannot be bought, even at a Farmer's Market - and who can resist a tomato that has been ripened to perfection? Corn on the Cob that makes it from corn row to boiling pot in less than a minute is guaranteed to delight your taste buds - without fail.


Reason Number Two: Quality - Knowing what exactly has gone it to your soil to produce a fresh fruit or vegetable of superior quality, just cannot be reproduced at the same level on a large scale. With a little care and effort, one can really produce the best of the best.


Reason Number Three: Health - Enjoying food that is still teaming with live enzymes can have a tremendous effect on one's overall health, and the nutritional value of home-grown food is simply unmatched.


Reason Number Four: Independence - Who wants to be dependent on poor-quality factory food that comes on a truck or ship from somewhere else? The store shelves empty out quickly when there are any number of disruptions in our modern food distribution system.


Reason Number Five: Wealth Retention - Growing your own food keeps more money in your pocket, and by supporting local suppliers, wealth is retained in our community, and not transferred somewhere else.


Reason Number Six: New Knowledge - Learning a new skill can sharpen one's mind, broaden one's possibilities, and open up new avenues of discovery.


Reason Number Seven: Joy And Peace - Working the soil and tending a garden can bring one much more than just food!