Cho Cubed - Williams, Oregon - July 20-21

About the Intensive

It is our honor to present Master Han-Kyu Cho, the Founder of Korean Natural Farming, and his son Youngsang Cho, the Pioneer of Ultra-Low Cost Organic Farming, along with Sunyoung Cho, who is Youngsang’s daughter, and interpreter for the Chos.

Join three generations of the Cho family for a two-day natural farming intensive featuring both Korean Natural Farming (KNF) and JADAM.

Learn how KNF and JADAM work synergistically together directly from the founders of the two disciplines.

This is only the second time that Master Cho and his son Youngsang Cho have taught together. And this is the first time that they will be North America teaching their craft.

Over the two days of the event, the attendees will learn directly from these masters along with their disciples:

Day 1 - Master Han Kyu Cho

  • Basics of Korean Natural Farming

  • The Nutritive Cycle

  • Management of Compost and Cultivation

  • Practical Use of Korean Natural Farming

  • Success Stories of Using Korean Natural Farming

  • General Questions and Answers

Day 2 - Youngsang Cho

  • Core technologies of High-Yield Organic Agriculture

  • The Ultra-Easy Way of Cultivation and Use of Microorganisms

  • Necessities and Essentials of Natural Pesticides

  • Manufacture and Use of JADAM Herbal Solution (JHS)

  • Practice of Natural Pesticide Production, Microbial Cultivation, JADAM Wetting Agent (JWA)

  • General Questions and Answers

This is a once-in-a-lifetime educational oppurtunity!

Don't miss it!

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